It all started with a brilliant idea …

…to never have dog hair in the car again!

Where everybody saw a problem, the inventor Karl Salzmann imagined a solution: Whenever dog owners drive their pets around, dog hair spreads everywhere inside the car and sticks to everything.

The pet owner must therefore undertake the unpleasant and time consuming process of cleaning the inside of the car, and worst of all, repeat that process on a regular basis. Karl Salzmann was convinced that something must be done about this problem! He therefore designed a form-fitting filter fabric that fits perfectly in the loading area of the vehicle and retains all the dog hair.

The result was dogscreen!

With its worldwide patented technology, dogscreen protects against dog hair and preserves the value of your car. Karl Salzmann has teamed up with filter manufacturer Weppler Filter GmbH who manufactures dogscreen. Weppler Filter GmbH is a leading German manufacturer of filters and supplies multinationals such as Bosch, Continental, Volkswagen, Porsche, and other OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

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