What is dogscreen®?

dogscreen® is a completely new and innovative technology from German company iLess GmbH.dogscreen® retains all the shed dog hair in your car so they don’t spread everywhere in the cabin.dogscreen® has 3 parts, which working together in harmony, provide protection and comfort for your pet, you, your passengers and your car.

How does dogscreen® work?

dogscreen®’s patented filter retains all the dog hair. So you actually never have to clean dog hair out of your car again: You just replace the filter!

What is dogreload®?

dogreload® refers to the replacement filter of the dogscreen®. For your very first purchase, you need the “Starter Kit”, which combines 1 dogscreen® & 1 dogmat®. After that, when you wish to replace the filter, you just need to order the dogreload®, which is the filter part only.

How often do I need to replace dogscreen® filter? (dogreload®)

That is your decisions. It depends on the breed of your dog, the climate you live in and how often/how long do you take your pet for a ride. For an average use, we recommend changing the dogreload® filter every 3 months or so.

What is dogmat®?

We highly recommend that you use dogscreen® and dogmat® together. dogmat® is a specially designed mat that covers the floor of your trunk / cargo area. The dogmat® provides extra protection for the floor of your cargo area, and provides extra comfort and security for your pet. dogmat® also protects the back bumper of your car against scratches and decreases the chances of the dog slipping while trying to climb in and out of the car. dogmat® has antibacterial properties and helps evacuate moisture, prevents mold and mildew build-up. dogmat®’s form-fitting feature makes it fit perfectly in any shape cargo area. It is odorless, washable and certifiedaccording to Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Technical spesifications: Thickness: 10mm (Soft Touch noble, transverse grooves optics, climate zones)
Weight: 950g / m, (one size / mat / 1,1 m x 1,0 m)
Compressibility: according to DIN EN 433 to about 1mm
UV – resistance: EN ISO 105 – BO2 (7-8)
Flammability: DIN 75200 <100mm / min
Water absorption: DIN EN ISO 62
temperature stability: – 30 ° C to + 95 ° C
resistant to alkalis, cleaning agents and disinfectants
Made in Germany.

What is dogrelax®?

dogrelax® is a vaporizer spray to be sprayed in the car and not directly on your pet. It refreshes the air and its special formula, combining the right essential oils (with Chamomile and lemongrass) has a soothing effects on dogs. dogrelax® is 100% organic.
Ingredients: water, ethanol, emulsifiers, fragrances of essential oils.

What are the benefits and advantages of using dogscreen®?

Advantages for my pet?
Your pet will ride in a cleaner fresher environment. The screen breaks the sun rays, reducing the amount of UV the pet is exposed to. the dogmat will provide a slide-free and soft surface for the pet to rest on. The dogmat also helps evacuate moisture so your dog always has a dry area. It also provides additional grip for your pet when he or she enters and exits the car. The dogrelax® refreshes the air in the car and at the same time relaxes your pet.

Advantages for me and my passengers?
Even if your pet only rides behind the seating rows in the cargo area, you will nevertheless have hair everywhere in your car. dogscreen® creates a cleaner, safer ride for you and your passengers. By retaining the dog hair, saliva, ticks and everything the dog hair carries, dogscreen® decreases your chances of developing allergies. Plus, you don’t have to show up at work, a party or for a date with dog hair stuck all over you.
You have to clean your car regularly; it’s a tedious and back breaking chore that takes a long time and nobody enjoys. Even then, you rarely get all the hairs out of the car carpets and panels. dogscreen® will save you time and money. Spend your weekends enjoying your pet not cleaning his or her hair out of your car.

Advantages for my car?
The overall value of your car will depreciate when you have a pet riding in it regularly. dogscreen® will preserve your car interior and protects your back bumper from claw scratches caused during getting in and out. Whether you drive a company car, a leased car or your own car; it is in your best interest to keep the car as clean as possible.

How can I buy dogscreen®?

Whether you are interested to purchase one for yourself, or you are intrested to work with us as a distributor, we have the right offer for you.
Please contact us at info@dogscreen.de and we will be happy to discuss your particular request.

How is dogscreen® installed?

dogscreen® is easy to install and use and there is no maintenance involved. You just replace the used filter with a new one whenever you wish to. Our clear and comprehensive installation guide and our instructional videos will guide you step by step trough the quick installation.

I have a question about dogscreen®! How can I contact you?

You can reach us by telephone on our Hotline at +49 18 03 36 47 27
Or by email at Info@ogscreen.de

Can I recycle dogscreen® after use?

dogscreen®, dogmat® and dogrelax® are 100% recyclable.

What is the return policy on purchases of dogscreen®?

If you have purchased your product via our webshop at www.dogscreen.de, then please contact info@dogscreen.de by email. If you have purchased your product through a distributor, then please contact them directly. Either way, your satisfaction is most important to us.

I am interested in working as a partner or distributor of dogscreen®, who should I contact?

For more information on our products, exclusive distribution agreements and wholesale pricing please visit us at www.dogscreen.de or contact Brian SAMALI at info@dogscreen.de.

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